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does fÊT Travel?

Short answer: Yes! Close and Far - we can make it happen. 

Gracie, FÊT Owner and Creative Director, has a decade of experience as an international event planner and has traveled all over the globe. Depending on event scale and needs, we can make it happen close to home or far away. 

We are based in Athens, GA but service the full

Southeast region regularly. 

what does fÊT provide at the graze?

All tables/linens (if desired) will need to be provided by the host or the venue. FÊT will not provide a table or linen at the event, but will setup on what is provided by the host or venue, in the area designated.

FÊT will provide cheese knives, spoons + utensils for grazing tables only. No knives, spoons or utensils will be provided for party boards. The host or the venue will be responsible for any small plates, napkins or personal utensils desired for the grazing table event unless otherwise organized with FÊT before the event is taking place.

does fÊT label or
post menus?


FÊT does not use labels for the table scapes, instead intending for the feast to be experiential. This style of grazing awakens more senses and engages a curiosity that we find essential to a good meal!


We can, however,  provide a small abbreviated menu for events upon special request at least 3 days ahead of the event date.

Will my event photos be used on social media?


Unless our clients specifically ask that we not share their event, 

FÊT will use photos from behind the scenes and of the final 

event setup on our social media platforms and branding use. 

Be sure to watch @fetgathering on

Instagram for our latest work! 



Yes! We can still make a party board or grazing table for

most food allergies! 

Please let us know what allergies you have or are catering for as soon as you submit your event request to

*Severe nut allergy cannot be accommodated at this time

how long do you need to setup a graze?


For all grazing tables, FÊT will need 1 hour to unload and setup table scape equipment. An additional 1-3 hours is required for all grazing ingredient setup and final clean up before your event. 

Specific timing will be reviewed in your event contract and

agreed upon between FÊT and the event host. 

DO YOU deliver

party boards?

No, we ask that these be local pickups only. 

Party boards should be picked up the day before or day of the event and the pickup time will be arranged and agreed upon between FÊT and the host.

Party board will (for the majority of events) be made on disposable wood trays. Clients will need to provide their own knives or purchase knives from FÊT for party boards. 

how do i book?

Send us an email to in order 

to receive our price packages. 

We will send an event contract and request for deposit as soon

as the graze is booked. No date is held until a deposit is


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