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Gracie Fisher Pilkenton FET Gathering


You might be curious as to why I chose the name FÊT. Yeah? I spent a year of my life learning to feast…on sounds, flavors, art, experiences, adventures, conversations, solitude, tastes, architecture and rest while I lived in Paris. I drank champagne for breakfast and gathered ingredients for a grazing board nearly each day - cheese from the cheesemonger at Marche des Enfants Rouges who taught me about the difference you can taste when the goats have been grazing on fall leaves in the Alps - meats from the tiny wonder shop around the corner called Caractère de Cochon. The afternoon was spent adding wine, breads and fruits to the bounty and then a bike ride would take me to gathered friends, simply unfolding the feast onto a blanket. 

The heart of my work on the board is not only to showcase flavors but to slow time, to set an atmosphere of feasting, to gather around a table and exist together for a moment. I’m passionate about the art of preparing the table. 

FÊT \ pronounced fāt \ fet \ is my little twist in the French word fête which means to feast or celebrate. 

FET Gathering | Cheeseboard

why graze?

Cheese and charcuterie tablescapes are on the rise, not only because of their beauty and all the yummies, but because they offer a creative and affordable way to cater any event. With locally sourced ingredients, beautiful installation and variety that pleases all dietary needs - grazes are here to stay. 



Grazing tables and charcuterie boards promote a communal + social dining experience for everyone attending an event or gathering. Connection, experiential tasting, flavors and exploration collectively unite for an organic atmosphere. 

Our aim is to forge kinship around the table, whether with strangers or friends. 


flexible grazing

Gatherings and events are all unique - with different needs and desires! Depending on the event, timing, budget, number of people, etc we can make an amazing grazing plan together. Whether providing light fare during a happy hour or a heavy board full of fare to feast, a custom tablescape can be created to suite your needs. 



Our greatest dream! Better than any plated meal, grazing can last for hours - as the table is fully set for a culinary experience. FÊT tables last for hours, so guests can come back to explore again and again, creating movement in a room and opportunities to engage with people and culture. 



Are you hosting an event in a field? In a commercial space without a kitchen? On a rooftop? As a pop up?

There's no space that cannot be beautified and heightened with the catering of a FÊT board or table. 

Gracie Pilkenton

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